I’ve been alive and well on this earth for 23 years, and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

God blessed me with parents who know Him and love Him, and who spent a lifetime teaching me how to live for Him.

At the age of 8, I came to realize that God gave His life for me, because He thought my life was worth saving, and in the middle of a chilly, fall night, I gave that life back to Him.  Now He lives in my heart, and intercedes for me, and loves me out of the sheer goodness of  who He is, and I realize with each passing day that I owe Him more than I could possibly pay.

At the age of 21 I met Jordan, the man who shares my life.  He loved me when I wasn’t being lovable, he pursued me when I was being difficult, and now he brings me joy every day no matter how grumpy (or crazy, or illogical, or hypersensitive) I am.  He teaches karate (he has an amazing talent with children), and has completed his Masters, hoping someday to be in the ministry.   Also, he happens to be SUPER good looking 🙂   How did I get so lucky?!  I am very thankful that God gave me this man to be my husband and best friend!

On August 27, just 53 minutes into the day, our firstborn son came into the world.  Jordan Casey Hobble Jr. is the light of our lives, and blesses us every day without doing a thing, just by being his sweet self!


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