In sickness

Again!  I think we have experienced almost two solid weeks of health before one of us caved to illness again!  This has been the craziest winter for our family’s health, and I am SO hoping this last bout is…well, the last 🙂

This time it is I who am sick, with some kind of cold/flu involving laryngitis, sore everything and over-all body aches.  Fun.

A lot has changed since Christmas, and it is hard to even remember it all at this point.  Spiritually, Christmas was a turning point for both Jordan and I, and our devotional/prayer lives have improved so very much!  We found out our coming baby is a girl, which of course makes us happy (and has been the cause of several bouts of sewing).  Weirdly, I was SO worried Baby would be a boy, and people would think we didn’t want him (as was hinted with our third boy), so it was a relief to know she is a girl, and I don’t have to spend the rest of the pregnancy “proving” to everyone that I want my baby!

Surprisingly, after 4 1/2 years of praying for ministry opportunities and being disappointed several times, God opened a door for us (a super sudden opportunity) and Jordan has been chosen as the pastor of a tiny (and amazing!) Baptist church, 20 minutes from our house.  This has been huge for us, and it amazes me how it came just as we both were experiencing a spiritual revival in our own lives.  I expect this to be challenging, but am already enjoying the fellowship of more like minded people than attend our old Church, Faith.

I also have made the comforting, yet discouraging, discovery that my body is sick and reacting allergically to something food related.  We are also going through the process of testing Lil J for food allergies.  This is something I never thought we would deal with.  I’ve always considered us “healthy” compared to others, and it is discouraging to realize 2 out of 4 of my little family have preventable stomach issues.  The comforting thing about all this as that it explains the struggle I’ve had with weird, negative, anxious thoughts.  Apparently that is one of the more subtle symptoms of a food allergy.  Who knew?!  So, I’m not entirely crazy.  I am sick.



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