Post-Vacation Let Down

It seems after a particularly amazing portion of life there is always a little dip in the road, a little adjustment period.  We got back from our anniversary trip on Monday, and to be honest, Monday was a bit of a downer.  So much to unpack and clean, so much laundry and re-adjusting, and kids sad because they missed Grandma, and me sad because we left my phone behind (yes, really).  There was also a little bit of envy in our hearts after traveling around, viewing all those big, beautiful Amish farms that represent a huge part of our family dream.

But you know what?  Tuesday, we put that behind us, took some of the lessons we learned over our weekend away, and hit the ground running, and it has been a good week since then.  The Amish are weird, doubtless, and perhaps cult-like, but I can’t help thinking, when I look at their lives, that they get a lot right.  Their sense of family and community that creates both a network of help and resources as well as a system for maintaining accountability; their ingenuity and hard work; their discipline and order; their integrated farming techniques…. I could go on.  Jordan and I learned so much, just from driving and walking around in the hills of Amish country, observing and discussing what we saw.  No single field was devoted to exclusively one crop.  No home was unkempt.  No garden had weeds.  The big white houses – tho plain – were surrounded by impressive landscaping, including play sets and beautiful flower and vegetable gardens and mini-orchards.  Almost every farm had another small house for the grandparents living close by on the same property.  Children of all ages worked and played on the farms.  It was an example of hard work and team playing at it’s finest, and we both came away inspired to keep striving for our goals, together.

As a couple, it was refreshing to have three whole days to simply talk.  We decided that a key for our family will be “business meetings” in which Jordan and I (and eventually the kids a little bit) discuss goals for the week/day, financial matters and anything else we both need to be aware of.  We also decided to take our gardening to another level of seriousness, and in consequence, we spent this morning staking tomatoes and doing some much needed weeding.

I love vacations, but real life is great too!


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