Pregnancy Funny

So, I am drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea daily in hopes that this up-coming labor is somehow, magically, easier and less painful than my previous two (not that they were all that bad, as far as labor goes, but there is always room for improvement when pain is involved).  I am supposed to drink three cups a day, but in spite of the fact that I am almost constantly sipping at it, I typically down maybe a cup and a half.  For this reason, I take it with me wherever I go.  I pour it into my coffee travel mug and pretend that doing so will help me consume more of the beverage than I otherwise would.

Today, I took my tea on an outing with my husband.  He had no idea.

(Brief detour: Jordan has a phobia of all things pregnancy.  He shudders at the thought of prenatal appointments, walks out of the room if the midwife should happen to mention the word “uterus” and refuses to revisit the details of the birth of our first two children.  It just freaks him out.  End of detour)

So, there we were, enjoying a quiet moment together when Jordan grabbed my coffee cup and took a big old swig, doubtless expecting coffee.  The look on his face when his mouth was filled with some cold, sweetened herbal mixture instead, was priceless.  His mouth full of liquid, he gestured wildly to me, as if to inquire, “What in the world is that??!”  I said, “Oh, that’s my pregnancy tea!”  And that priceless look?  Got so much more priceless.  As he sprinted toward the bathroom, silently heaving.  And flushed the toilet a minute later.  And rinsed his mouth out several times.  I hate to admit it, but I was dying laughing.  “JOANNA!”  “What?  You never asked!”

There are moments of pregnancy that are no fun, that are difficult, uncomfortable and plain hard work.  And then there are those times when your husband drinks your herbal tea and you get to sit there and laugh.  Possibly my favorite funny moment of all time!  Of course, there was the time a Church lady asked him how much my cervix was dilated…..


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