Christmas Season

It has been a busy few weeks. It is going to be an even busier few weeks ahead of us.  My husband is working two jobs, currently, and we are moving into a larger house this weekend.  The house is directly behind of us, so it seems like an easy move, but everyone is warning us otherwise.  We’ll see.  As a consequence of the coming move, I have been organizing/de-junking like a maniac (because when it comes to clutter, I really AM), and Jordan has been finishing some home-improvement projects on our current home, in preparation for renting it.  The mess is driving me CRAZY.  But anyway…

In between all of this, I have been working on homemade Christmas gifts for the last two months, and am trying to wrap those up before the move.  Christmas, to me, is such an exciting time of year, more because of the anticipation and preparation than anything else!  I enjoy having an extremely small gift fund, because it requires bargain hunting, creativity and homemade goodness.  However, such pleasures make messes, and I am pretty much ready to be moved in to a new house, with all projects finished and a beautiful Christmas tree to stare at while I sip hot chocolate and make Christmas cookies (not that our busyness has infringed on my usual burst of Holiday Season baking – it has not.  It has only made the baking a little more rushed and a little less relaxing.)

I am suspecting that Christmas with a two year old is going to be more fun than any other Christmas of my life, so far.  We shall see.  And I also suspect I will enjoy the greater space of a new house.  Again, we shall see.  Until the New Year, tho, this is probably the last update.  Merry Christmas!!!!


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