So, yes we do have a baby…

Like, two months ago! Guess who doesn’t have internet at the house, and hasn’t gotten out and about very much recently? Can’t imagine what’s keeping me house-bound….

William Terry arrived a week and a day early – as I had earnestly prayed and hoped. Honestly, the end of that pregnancy was difficult. I barely slept two hours at a time, each night, before getting up for an hour with a lot of heartburn and a little self-pity. So, when I woke up at 6:22 to a mild explosion of warm, wet fluid, I was super excited. The midwife told us to go back to bed, but by the time we got the mess cleaned up, we were both wide awake, and way too wound up to sleep. Plus, I had a feeling we would not have to wait long for labor to kick in. So, we made coffee and peanut butter toast, and while we feasted, the Braxton-hicks I had been experiencing all of the previous day and night began to be ever-so-slightly more painful. But they were so short, and so mild I told Jordan they couldn’t be the ‘real thing’. He called the midwife anyway.

By the time the first assistant arrived, it WAS the real thing, and Jordan rushed to find a babysitter for our son.

Long story short, William was born at 11:16 in the morning. His grandmother was there to see his arrival, and his big brother came back to see him about an hour later, and we spent the rest of the day enjoying him. He has been a challenge and a joy all at the same time, and we are a little exhausted but extremely thankful for his earthside presence!