It seems so long ago…

This time last year, I was pacing a circle in our living room, wishing the contractions would go away and wondering if, just maybe this time, they wouldn’t.  Turns out, they didn’t go away, not for a few hours anyway, and not until they brought our favorite baby into the world!  It never ceases to amaze me, this thing called time.  So fickle.  So slow.  So swift and gone, impossible to grasp.  How can Lil Jordan’s first year be coming to a close already????  How can it have happened in a few blinks?  And yet, this next pregnancy?  Feels like it is taking FOREVER, like it should have been over already.  And the weird thing is, Jordan’s first year and this pregnancy have happened at the same time.


Our firstborn has been such a joy.  Truly, we couldn’t have imagined how wonderfully our lives would change just because of one little person who can’t even speak yet!  This Lil Jordan delights our hearts, challenges all our preconceived notions of parenting and inspires us to be better people.  Thank you Lord, for this son!  Thank you for the next baby on the way.