The Injustice of Pregnancy Math (and other random things)

So, I was all excited to be entering my seventh month of pregnancy…until I counted it in weeks and realized that, at 28 weeks along (woo-hoo!) I still have a daunting 12 weeks to go. 12 divided by 4 equals…hmmm. Not two months, that’s for sure! But who’s counting, right?

My little guy is SO old. Having been in this world almost a year now, he crawls confidently into the unknown, babbling excitedly the whole way, eager to explore this planet he’s living on. I love watching him! Oh, that I could recapture some of that childhood enthusiasm, and learn to look at life with wide open eyes and anticipation! Too often, I just live, caught up in the laundry, cooking, cleaning, wishing I could sleep in. This little boy teaches me to live in the moment, and enjoy simple things. I hope I will always be learning this lesson.

Of course, with his added mobility (including walking along furniture) there are a lot more tears, as he bangs around and learns what he can and cannot touch or do. And of course, there is the typical exertion of self-will. No longer do I have the meek son who responds promptly and blandly to a gentle, “No”. He has an opinion, and he likes to express it 🙂

I have been so blessed this summer. Although my two closest friends recently moved away, I was able to spend many hours with them, helping them pack and take care of their little ones, and so there are lots of good memories! Jordan and I have been working on home improvement projects little by little (alright, mostly Jordan) and I am loving our little house!

My contributions to home improvement are confined to things like fetching the hammer, or cleaning up the mess, but I’ve had to do a lot of little preparatory stuff for Baby #2 and I count that as home improvement. That, and I wash a lot of diapers, and clean diapers is a big improvement, right?

This summer has been a challenge for me financially, as I struggle to squeeze formula costs into the monthly food budget. July is the first successful month so far, and I’m not entirely sure what I did to make it all work. I guess we’ll see what next month brings.

I feel I cannot end a blog post without stating how immensely grateful I am for all God has blessed us with. Of course, He has blessed us in many spiritual ways, and even when harder times hit, He will be blessing us – perhaps not as perceptibly – but I am constantly amazed at the number of physical blessings He has poured into our lives! He is and always will be a GOOD God, and I am thankful He is my loving Father!