Life Lately…

Well, evidently time goes faster than I can post on my blog. So much has happened. Duh. Little Jordan is 8 months old, and is changing before our very eyes! It’s as though he’s on a time lapse camera, as almost every day brings something new. In the past week, he has thrown his first veins bulging, red faced, genuine temper tantrum (and sadly, has decided this is so much fun he needs to repeat it); he has consistently accepted baby foods without crying, gagging or throwing up, after two months of frustrated effort on my part; he has become efficient in scooting (backwards) and has crawled for the first time – this was totally an accident, I think, and hasn’t been repeated yet, but he is right on the edge of taking off! He shows a distinct preference for his parents, his blankie, one big fabric book his Nana gave him and homemade bread. He’s nuts about the bread. Also, due to a recent illness of mine, he’s now drinking some formula as well as breast milk, which makes me a little sad 😦 However, I consider myself blessed to have exclusively nursed for 8 months, especially considering that I AM EXPECTING ANOTHER LITTLE ONE!!!! Due in the middle of October, Jordan and I are super excited to meet this next little one and welcome another child into our lives!

So far, lucky me, no morning sickness or anything yucky like that. Just extreme hunger and exhaustion. But, that’s to be expected when my poor body is supporting 3 people, two of whom are growing fast! Weight gain has been a little of an issue this time, No gain during the first trimester, which isn’t too bad, considering I’m nursing another baby, but when I got sick recently I lost about 13 pounds, so that now I weigh less than I did when I got married. Not necessarily good! I’m making an effort to include a lot of protein and nutrients in my diet now that I have an appetite again, so this little baby doesn’t have stunted growth!

Frequently, I wake up in the morning and wonder why I should be so blessed? The Lord has been so beyond good to us, providing us with plenty all around, a beautiful little home, a son who is a blessing every single day and another little one on the way. I can’t imagine there is a woman in this world who has a better, kinder, more entertaining and inspiring husband than I do! He fulfills every human need of my heart and constantly eggs me on to be a better woman, wife, mother and Christian. I am just overflowing with joy and gratitude for all God has given me, and I pray I don’t mess it all up with my own sin nature!