We are having many milky moments, baby half-drunk, mama enjoying the snuggles

Dishes stack up, because there are so few chances to wash them

Getting a shower, getting dressed, doing my hair and making the bed sometimes seem like an olympic feat for which I should receive a gold medal

The art of juggling feedings, naps, dirty diapers and the usual household chores is beginning to make sense…maybe? I can actually foresee a day when I will do more than just “keep up”, and will actually ease back into the extra things. Like finishing the blanket I started for little Jordan…

Baby is 3 weeks and one day old – when did THAT happen???

We have been married for 1 beautiful year and 8 extra days

We still play a game when Jordan gets home at night, but it usually revolves around a fussy baby and that last feeding/diaper change routine that sends little Jordan to night-night land. Temporarily.

Baby is DEFINITELY eating well. Born 6lbs 14 oz, he weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz (!!!) at his two week check up – we are going to have a little monster on our hands soon, if he doesn’t slow down!

It’s nice to have my body back. Not my old shape, but just the old comfort. No more constant heartburn, swelling, cramped breathing, everlasting aches, and that whole feeling of being owned by someone else, etc… Until Baby was born, I had no idea how uncomfortable I had become (which I now use as an excuse for my irritability during those last two weeks. I love excuses!) And the old shape? Well, I’m willing to wave good bye to it, and welcome the updated version 😉 After that big belly, anything seems like an improvement!

I have to cook again 😦 I was getting used to just eating whatever people brought! Honestly, the generosity of our friends was overwhelming in the last three weeks, and I am not lying when I say that today was the first day I had to pull out one of my own frozen dinners.

We walk in the evenings, Baby wrapped snugly in the Moby wrap. It helps keep the fussiness at bay, and is my only form of exercise these days

Jordan is a constant help and support to me, and is the perfect Daddy for Little Jordan.

God is – as always – incredibly good to me, and I am very, very thankful. I feel rich!


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