God’s Blessing in Sickness

So, I was sick last week.  By way of skirting the gory details I will only say that three days of stomach flu is not pleasant, pregnant or not, and I don’t know that being pregnant really made it worse – although there were tearful moments when I began wondering, “Is the baby sick too?  Is he in there, all sad with his little bones aching and I can’t even comfort him???”  But, we won’t linger on that thought.

What occurred to me, during the last, long, boring day of recovery, while I was awake enough to have an active mind, but sick enough to have an uncooperative body, was this thought: God had been good to me, even in the sickness.  Now, I understand that God’s blessings aren’t always in the guise of ‘good’ things.  Health would have seemed like the real ‘blessing’, and yet God allowed me to be sick, and He is still a good God, even though He allowed something I didn’t perceive as good.  Sometimes, however, He likes to show Himself good above and beyond the normal or expected, and He really did that for me last week.

For instance, I had just finished all the cleaning and decorating and organizing on Tuesday, right before Jordan came home from work.  I felt so happy to have it done, and was looking forward to moving on to other things.  “Other things” didn’t happen, obviously, but think of how much more stressed I would have felt, laying in bed sick and looking in despair at a messy house?

Also, the meals I cooked on Monday and Tuesday were so large – probably the outcome of my over-active cooking urges which had been suppressed for a whole WEEK during the painting process – that I joked with Jordan Tuesday night, “I’m not going to have to cook for three days, there’s so much food in this house!”  And what do you know… I was sick for three days. The food lasted exactly that long.

It gets better.  I had just finished washing, folding and putting away that last load of laundry – guess when?  Tuesday.  That’s right.  So in spite of the fact that being sick came as a complete surprise, I couldn’t have been more prepared if I had planned for it!  How awesome is that?  The Lord timed it all so that my house was clean, Jordan didn’t starve and we both had plenty of clean clothes to wear.  All I can say is, “Thank you Lord!!!!”


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