Reaching the 7 Month mile marker

I’ll be honest – I didn’t actually feel any different when I woke up on that glorious morning – you know, the one where I was officially 7 months pregnant.  That’s THIRD TRIMESTER.  BIG DEAL!!!  Once upon a time, I thought I would NEVER get here, and now it’s been more than a week, and so much else has been happening that I didn’t really think about it.

However.  Now that I’ve had time to consider: third trimester is really great!  Of course, I realize I’m fortunate, and have managed to avoid almost every unpleasant pregnancy symptom there is (although, there are more on the way, I hear… swelling ankles, constant bachache, etc…), but just being so close to the end is an incredible, happy feeling!  Both Jordan and I love feeling Baby move – which he does, a lot! – and are enjoying all the little preparation steps we have to take, such as painting the room, setting up the appropriate furniture, washing the little newborn outfits, etc…  If we never have another day with this little one, we already feel so blessed.  And how much MORE blessed will we feel in the days to come (Lord willing), when we finally get to see Baby’s face (and gender – it will be nice to know whether this is a little He Hobble or a little She Hobble), and experience all the joy’s of watching Baby grow!  We are looking forward to it with every passing day!

So, here are a couple of pictures, terrible as they are, to mark the Seven Month Milestone.



The weird thing is, I’m not really wearing maternity shirts yet, even though I’ve gained almost 25 pounds.  Not sure why that is.  However, I’m sure I’ll still get to experience the true ‘maternity’ look in the next couple of months (and the next ten pounds).


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