Home Improvement Pictures

Just a small portion of the mess!

There were more pictures of the mess around our house, but the camera deleted them, unfortunately.  It was a disaster!  However, the end results were well worth it.

Here we go:

The finished living room, angle 1

Notice the pale cream color of the walls – no longer a shiny, blotchy, warped white.

Looking through the front door to our couch

To the left of the couch… missing the violins, but otherwise this is our ‘music corner’

And here’s the bedroom:

Sewing things are now squeezed into a corner of the bedroom, making more room in the baby’s room – not that baby will need it, but it does look better!

And finally, the baby’s room:

Look at those green walls – exactly what I wanted for the baby’s room. Jordan and I are tickled with it – even though we had to sneak a book shelf into an otherwise-baby-themed place.

And this corner, in which we are storing baby things for now, will soon hold the crib, a lovely antique-white crib someone gave to us.


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