Home Improvements, 12 weeks and WHATAREWETHINKING????

Currently, my house lies in disarray. Serious disarray. Piled in the center of each room are all our things, inaccessible under painter’s plastic, unrecognizable as the well-organized, aesthetically-pleasing home I once had. Walls look motley with mud patches sanded super-fine, and the bathroom looks as though it has been hit by a meteorite of drywall, mud and decades-old fiber glass insulation. That ceiling sure looks nice without the broken old fan, though! 🙂

This was a project that was supposed to take a weekend – one of those classic “Home Improvement” projects gone a little longer and a little harder and a little more expensive than it was supposed to. I’ve heard many jokes about some movie called “The Money Pit”, but really this hasn’t been more expensive than we thought. It’s just taking SO LONG! And that’s ok. If life went according to plan, we’d have nothing left to do past the age of 25. It’s all the mistakes, and unexpcteds that keep life interesting until you’re so old and tired you don’t mind leaving it all behind, right?!

Still, in light of this new ‘painting project’, I’m having serious doubts that we will REALLY do all of the other home improvement projects we had planned for the summer. Especially since the arrival of Little One will most likely bring all projects to a quick – though temporary – close. As of yesterday, we are SEVEN MONTHS into this adventure! Which means there are 12 weeks left in which to accomplish all our house goals. Hmmmm. If it took almost four weeks to put in the driveway, and two weeks to paint….. well, the tile on the bathroom floor and the trim around the house just MIGHT not get done so soon as we thought!

Enjoy this beautiful summer while it lasts!


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