Taste the Ordinary

Some days are busy, some days are slow…. today is a really weird blend of both of those.  Busy morning, lazy afternoon.  Not that there aren’t things to do, it’s just none of them absolutely have to be done right now.

Some days are smooth-sailing, some days are rough seas….again,today is a weird blend of both.  The morning was stressful, and I burst into a fit of tears for almost an hour (I know, I know.  It’s pathetic.  But sometimes, when  a girl hasn’t cried in a while she just needs to let it all out).  And now?  All is sunny and well, not a care in the world.

I have the rest of the week off work, and am making plans – plans which include graduation invitations for Jordan, a trip to the garden department of WalMart  armed with a gift card and an eye for beautiful flowers, menu planning, marathon sewing, knitting, long walks and more.  Ah, time is such a precious thing!

Baby Hobble has been making his presence known for so long, I’ve almost gotten used to being punched in the gut!  Funny how even the most amazing, incredible, unusual things become normal in a short time.  I had expected perhaps a little more of that feeling of awe to accompany this pregnancy, and while there are such moments, I’ve come to the conclusion that pregnancy can be a little…well….boring.  Some days it feels as though time is standing still.  Nothing unusual is happening.  The 40 weeks tick by so slowly, and my belly grows so gradually that I wonder if August will ever get here????  Every time we hang out with married friends who already have little ones, Jordan comes home and says, “It’s not fair that we still have to wait four months while their’s are crawling around being cute!”  OF course, he’s kidding.

But seriously.  Nine months is a long time to wait.

I feel far, far too blessed!   God is so extra good, it blows me away.


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