Beautiful Spring

And so, it has been lovely.  For March, it has been nothing short of miraculous!  You know the old saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”?  Well, it has been all “lamb” thus far, and we have only three days left of the old beast anyway.

I have begun to write several times, and always something happened to interrupt me, leaving the post unfinished.  Eighteen days ago marked the halfway point of my first year of married life – hard to believe! – and lately I have been reflecting on how unimaginably beautiful that half a year has been.  Of course, I know we are both young, and in love, and have faced no hardships as of yet, but it does seem to me that everywhere I turn, I see blessings poured out on my life, in overwhelming proportions of goodness and happiness, and I feel utterly undeserving of it all!

IF I were to number them, they are almost like God’s thoughts towards me: more in number than the sand.

There is our house, so perfect for us, with no major issues.  It even looks cute (which is something I wanted but didn’t really expect in a ‘first house’)!

Our heating and air conditioning that both work.

The many, many items that fill our home, most of which are gifts.

A refrigerator full of food, and a freezer full of meat – thanks to the generosity of certain people in my life.

Jordan, who works faithfully on his homework, and then escapes to the outdoors to take care of the ‘man work’ around the house, who always empties the trash, who takes time even when he is busy to listen to my ramblings, who appreciates every meal I’ve ever made him, who reads the Bible with me in the evening and prays faithfully for God’s blessing on and presence in our life.

My family, who are also my very best friends.

Cell phone service that allows me to keep in touch with them.

This precious child I carry, and every little pregnancy symptom that reminds me of his presence.

The beautiful weather.

A mother-in-law who has been nothing but kindness, and is allowing me to share her garden space, so that I don’t get so homesick for my old garden back in Ohio.

It all makes me wonder what I am doing to bless others?  Having been given so much, what can I give in return?  This has been pressing on my heart lately, and I hope, as I continue to keep all these blessings at the forefront of my thoughts, I will be able to see my way clear to being just a little bit of the joy to others that has been so abundantly shed on me.  I want especially to give joy to God, in some measure, and it is sad to me that the one, most obvious way I can do that – simple obedience – is the way in which I fail the most often.

Things to think about!