New Years

There is nothing better than a new year: untarnished, full of promise, surprises, hope, unknown destinations.  This new year is no different.

Untarnished – my sin nature has not had a chance to ruin it yet.  I haven’t yet wasted any of the moments in 2012 on foolish self pity, nor lazy inclinations, nor thoughtless, hurtful words, and it is wonderful to remember that I still have the chance to NOT indulge in self pity, waste my time or hurt the ones I love.  Of course, that chance existed on every day of 2011, but now that 2011 is gone, I can hand it to the Lord full of it’s mistakes and wrong choices, and face a new year with a new set of goals and a new vision.

Full of Promise – promise of a baby in August (hopefully), promise of more time away from work and in my own home, improvements in our house, my schedule, a widening sphere of friends…and of course, the promise of the Lord’s presence through whatever comes.

Surprises – ????  The never-ending, sometimes scary, always interesting and unexpected question mark.

Hope – of learning, growing, improving, falling and getting back up.

Unknown Destinations – kind of like surprises, but here I’m thinking of where I will be at the end of next year.  The last three years of my life have ended in completely unexpected places, so I can’t help but wonder….where will this new year end?

All in all, this year has been unquestionably the best year of my life, and I am looking forward with relish to the next one!


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