Our Not-Quite-New House

Our fancy-shmancy moving truck

I wish I had taken a picture of the car, as well as this nice old truck, but alas, the morning was pretty busy.  Up at 5, packing by 6, driving by 8:30 and moving in by 10:30 (well, while helping the previous occupant move out…. long story!)  And yes, Jordan DID make it to work on time at 1:30.  That was such an exciting day!  And a long one, too.  We slept well that first night in our new house.:-)


There she is, in all her glory!  Our little home.  To me, it’s a beautiful sight to behold!

Our living room, after my parents brought the rest of my furniture, and I used some gift cards from the wedding to purchase little niceties such as that lamp with the bell-shaped shade.  I’ve always loved those kinds!  I love how almost everything coordinates just perfectly, and all by ‘chance’, too (if we can call it chance.  I think God takes pleasure in providing those little ‘extra touches’, don’t you?).

My piano!!!!

And this is the lovely old piano my parents gave to me, after having it refurbished.  It’s like having an old, old friend living with me – such a joy, and treasure, not to mention relaxing!  Well, to me, anyway.  Jordan is not used to studying with suround-sound music. 😉

This is the messy room.  The study, the sewing room, the spare bedroom (whatever THAT is!!!  Who could sleep in this mess???), the catch-all of our unpacking process.  Don’t judge.

Our very spacious bedroom.  It’s as big as the living room.  Seriously, you can fit a HUGE mess in this room!  You should see it on laundry day!  Those baskets you see on the floor are only the tip of the ice berg.

And this is our sunny little breakfast nook…or lunch nook, dinner nook, late-night-snack nook…..Actually, we usually just eat in the living room, since the eating space in our kitchen is so tiny, and I tend to just sit there and gaze at the stack of dirty dishes on the counter, which doesn’t lead to very inspiring conversation.

And that, my friends, is our little house (minus portraits of the bathroom and laundry room.  I thought I would spare you!).  It already feels like home, even though  we’ve only lived there about a month and a half.  I actually love staying home and taking care of the place – something I wasn’t quite as fond of at our old place, due to the spiders and darkness.  Besides, this place just feels like home.  I walked around in the dark a few nights ago, looking for something, and stopped to laugh.  You can tell it’s ‘home’ when you can do that without banging into the furniture!

This house is definitely in the “Top Five” of things I’m thankful for this year!




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