Three Points

Being married to a preacher-in-training means this: my writing should have an intro, at least three points (hopefully alliterated! well, I’m working on it) and a good conclusion (complete with a call to prayer 🙂 )  Just kidding!  But seriously, Jordan keeps me on my toes when it comes to writing form.  Let me know if the following would pass an essay/sermon inspection!

“Short Story” – (and that’s the only part of this that WILL be alliterated.  Sorry, Jordan!  I tried!)

I’ve spent a lot of my life writing – emails, journal, letters, short stories, whatever I could! – and I’ve always wanted to add blogging to that list of writing adventures.  So, I’m doing it now.

Like every piece of writing, or every life’s work in general, there should be a guideline, a purpose and a goal to blogging.  Otherwise, one can become the embarrassed author of random nonsense and wasted words.  So, this blog will have guidlines which I will keep to the best of my ability.

1. I will not write anything I would not want my Saviour to read.

2. I will not write anything I would not want Jordan, my husband, to read.

3. I will have a purpose in every post.

4. I will say something positive in every post.

Well, that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.  As far as purpose, this blog’s purpose should be the same as my life’s purpose: to bring glory to God.  Of course, that is vague, at best, and I’m sure that I will need more clarity if I am going to stick with that purpose.  I view this blog as a journal of sorts – a public journal, and therefore it will not contain things of a keenly personal nature – but a journal nonetheless, and the best thing about a journal is that it tells the story of one’s life, step by step, and – especially for the Christian – reveals God’s hand in a beautiful way.  One of the most encouraging, satisfy and edifying things for me is to look back through my old journals.  I can only smile (and sometimes cry) at the unexpected signs of Providence throughout my life.  God IS good, all the time, and there is nothing like seeing His goodness at work in one’s own life.  Showing God’s goodness is perhaps the main purpose of this blog.

And the goal?  Well, if every person who reads this blog sees the goodness of God, then it is fulfilled.  Just make sure and praise Him for His dealings in your own life!

So, to conclude, I have guidlines, purpose and goal.  Now all I need is a subject!

– Joanna